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Successful brands have onethingin common.

Some kind of


FIGURE helps to create this magic by giving form to the intangible.

By distilling the crux of the brand:

And bringing it to life:

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FIGURE was founded by Shira Wheeler in 2013.

Shira specializes in distilling ideas into results-driven creative strategy. She has helped numerous brands and creatives craft and communicate their distinct stories on and offline. Beginning her career in branding at Radical Media, she went on to build and direct RoAndCo, an award winning design studio. She has worked with brands such as Refinery29, Altuzarra, Bird, Grey Goose, Nike and Zappos.

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FIGURE develops strategies and solutions for brands that know who they are and where they want to be, but aren't sure how to get there. Working closely with brand owners and diving deep into the core essence of a company, FIGURE creates and defines a concise "brand persona" that reflects each client's unique goals. FIGURE specializes in developing sustainable strategies to effectively communicate that brand mission, promise and values and connect with consumers in authentic and engaging ways.


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